Winder Drive – Coal Mine

Winder Drive – Coal Mine
The Challenge: High torque, Large Speed Variations, High Safety Margins

A winder drive is designed to operate a lift or elevator in an underground mine. In this case study, we are visiting a coal mine in eastern New South Wales in the process of replacing an old personnel & equipment elevator. This elevator transports large loads over long distances, up and down the mine shaft, and is subject to stringent safety requirements.

In addition, the unit is required to operate at two significantly different speeds. People are transported at high speeds; equipment is transported at 1/3rd of that speed.

winder-drive-1The Solution: Brevini PIV´s Largest Catalogue Helical Gear Unit

Brevini selected a cost-effective PD85 helical gear unit, which is the largest of the standard catalogue range available out of PIV Drives in Germany. This unit has a mass of 11.5 tonnes, without fluids.

Despite its size, however, the unit is available on a shorter lead time due to its design principles of a reduced number of parts, a standardised range and consistent modularity across all the variants of the unit.

In addition, a locally designed forced lubrication system was developed and installed in situ by Brevini technicians. This ensures adequate lubrication, even at the low operating speed where splash lubrication does not occur.

The resulting unit achieves the high torque required, with the high degree of safety margin included.