The new HPV 310 proportional directional valve now available from Brevini Australia

The HPV 310 proportional directional valve, rated at 600 lpm and 400 bar, was developed by Brevini Fluid Powerin the second half of 2011, with prototype testing completing successfully in 2013. Released in Europe in 2014, the valves are now available in Australia.

The valve can be specified to operate with load sensing or constant pressure variable displacement pumps. The HSE inlet section and the HFLS mid inlet section, for hybrid assembling with the HPV77 or HPV41 valves, includes a pressure relief valve and low pressure pilot port.

Being able to operate on mineral hydraulic oil and environmentally friendly oils, the valve can also be used with phosphorous esters (HFDR), water glycol (HFC) or water-oil (HFB), subject to Brevini Technical Department approval.

The HDRM manual actuation control lever set up, featuring mechanical over hydraulic piloting ensures minimal operator effort is required to shift the 600lpm spools. The HDRM has the lever directly connected to two pressure reducing valves which then hydraulically pilot the spool movement, based on the manual lever’s position.

Other pilot controls available are electrical on/off and proportional solenoid, PWM and hydraulic pilot. Having LS A & LS B pressure compensators, LS unloading solenoid valves, and A & B port shock valves, ensure the valve can offer the performance and protection required of any application.


The main features of the HPV 310 are summarised as follow as:

  • Rated inlet flow of 600 lpm and working port flow of 550 lpm
  • Maximum pressure of 400 bar
  • Pressure compensated flow control section
  • Built in central pilot oil supply up to 30 bar
  • Adjustable pressure compensator
  • LS A & LS B pilot relief valves
  • Shock and suction valve for A and B ports
  • Manual, hydraulic and electrical pilot controls.
  • Mid Inlet section for hybrid assembling with HPV77 and/or HPV41 valves
  • Solenoid LS unloading valve
  • High repeatability accuracy
  • Low Hysteresis
  • Up to 5 working sections
  • The HPV 310 proportional directional valve should be considered in large flow applications as commonly found in mining, marine, drilling, cranes and winching.

Download the technical catalogue from for more details and please contact your local Brevini representative or phone 1300 657 771 should you have any further enquiries on the HPV 310 valve.