Screw Conveyor Application – Live Bottom Bin

Screw Conveyor Application – Live Bottom Bin

The Challenge: Size Restriction

A ´live bottom bin´ is used to transfer large amounts of material that are generally difficult to convey, and are especially suited for applications where there is a limited working area. They consist of multiple screw feeders arranged in parallel configuration across the floor of the bin; the unit completes two functions by both storing and transferring the material.

In this case study, we visit a clean coal technology plant, which required a live bottom bin to be installed into an extremely dimensionally restricted room. Brevini was required to supply the motors and gear units to drive 4 parallel screw feeders, in a medium power application, with a medium torque value.

A helical gear unit would have been the traditional selection, due to its thermal properties, however this style of unit would not fit within the room available. A planetary gearbox, while smaller, would not have been able to adequately dissipate the heat.

The Solution: Brevini´s new Ultra Compact Shaft-Mounted Posiplan gear units

Posiplan gear units feature a combination of planetary and helical/bevel helical gears, thus taking advantage of the strengths of each technology: compact size, reliability and easy maintenance.

The gear units were sufficiently compact to be arranged side by side, to enable the 4 parallel screw configuration required to move the volume of material in the bin. They incorporated a built in torque arm and provided highly suited thermal properties for the application.

This new series of lighter, more compact gear reducers surpass traditional solutions for planetary and bevel helical gear reducers. They provide higher torque for the same weight and dimensions. Their design also allows shorter production times and lower production costs, making them the ideal solution for your size restricted applications.

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