HD1 055

The HD1 series variable piston pumps for closed loop circuits are axial pistons pumps with swash plate design and through drive shaft on option. These pumps have been specifically designed for use in closed circuit hydrostatic transmissions. The delivery is proportional to the rotation speed and the swash plate angle. The... Read More

S6CV series

S6CV series are variable displacement, axial piston pumps, with swash plate design, for closed circuit hydrostatic transmissions and high pressure applications. S6CV series are available in 75 and 128 cm3/rev [4.57 and 7.80 in3/rev] and with several control devices. The pump can be supplied as single or tandem version and with... Read More

S5AV series

S5AV series is a family of variable displacement axial piston pumps designed for operation in open circuit. These axial piston swash plate design units can be used both for mobile and industrial applications. A strong and proven rotating group allows the pumps to work at high continuous and peak pressures. The... Read More


SH11C pumps are a family of fixed displacement, bent axis piston design for operation in open circuit. The proven design incorporating the lens shape valve plate, the high quality components and manufacturing techniques make the SH11C pumps to able provide up to 430 bar [6235 psi] continuous and 480 bar [6960... Read More