Ancillary Products

PTO Drives

The gearboxes of the ML and B series are used mainly for connecting hydraulic pumps to the power take-offs of agricultural tractors. PTO output speed, standardised at either 540 or 1,000 rpm, is increased to optimum operating speeds for the hydraulic pumps. The RD series of gearbox is used to reduce... Read More

Bell Housings and Couplings

The bell housings of the HL series and the couplings of the HE – HF and GB series are utilised in the construction of hydraulic power packs and serve for coupling hydraulic pumps to UNEL-IEC standardised electric motors with powers of up to 132 Kw. Read More

Clutches and Belt Supports

Dana Brevini Fluid Power: Clutch and belt supports of the SU series are used to drive hydraulic pumps and transmit the motion of hydraulic motors where there are strong radial and axial loads. The mechanical clutches of the IM series and the electromagnetic ones of the IE series also have the... Read More