Planetary - Slew Drives

SLS/RPR TO 200,000 Nm T 2 Max

Dana Brevini’s industrial, yaw and pitch and mobile slew drives are designed to work seamlessly in applications requiring slew bearings or racks, perhaps in a large-capacity winch. Dana Brevini’s slewing drives are an essential component in keeping weight and size to a minimum on equipment such as tower cranes, aerial platforms,... Read More

La Leonessa Slew Rings

La Leonessa Brevini slew bearings (ranging from Ø300 to Ø4000mm) are very commonly used along with a Dana Brevini slew gearboxes. Dana Brevini Australia can supply the full package drive system for slewing applications. The slew bearings are available in a light range (mainly for agricultural applications) and in a heavy... Read More