Posired 2 high thermal capacity gearboxes

PIV’ German manufactured helical, bevel and bevel/helical gearboxes are the preferred solution for high power high torque applications. The Posired 2 range has great flexibility and torque ratings to over two million Nm. PIV drives enjoy an outstanding reputation for quality Power-transmission solutions. PIV helical and bevel/helical gearboxes covers power transmission... Read More

Helical to 297,000 Nm

Hoisting machinery with drum and motor in parallel requires gearboxes with extended center distance between the input and output shaft. POSIRED N series gearboxes were designed for this application and perfectly solve the problem of the distance between the motor and drum. Widespread experience in crane engineering for main hoist, boom... Read More

PLANETARY – TO 25,000 Nm Tn

The rotating shaft gearbox range is available in male and female shaft configurations, with either in-line or right-angle inputs, foot or flange-mounted outputs. Complete range of modular design planetary gearboxes for industrial applications. It combines high performance with compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance. Brevini’s industrial planetary gearboxes... Read More

PH Shaft Mount Planetary / Helical to 35,000 Nm Tn

  These POSIPLAN gear reducers, which are protected by a specific patent, feature a combination of planetary and helical gears that takes advantage of the strengths of each technology: compact size, high reliability and easy maintenance. The PH series of planetary helical gearboxes combines one output helical stage with one or... Read More

SLW-SMW TO 850,000 Nm

Smart solutions with maximum flexibility This integrated line of helical and bevel helical gearboxes is made in Germany by the Brevini manufacturing unit PIV Drives. These gear units are produced with state of the art design, material, and manufacturing technologies for maximum power and reliability within a cost-effective package. With the... Read More

SLS/RPR TO 200,000 Nm T 2 Max

Dana Brevini’s industrial, yaw and pitch and mobile slew drives are designed to work seamlessly in applications requiring slew bearings or racks, perhaps in a large-capacity winch. Dana Brevini’s slewing drives are an essential component in keeping weight and size to a minimum on equipment such as tower cranes, aerial platforms,... Read More

PLANETARY – TO 2,500,000 Nm Tn

Brevini “S Series” is the ultimate solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions, on fixed industrial equipment and heavy self-propelled machines. This planetary solution offers a substantial improvement in terms of space and weight over traditional gear units. The S series is also available as a High Power... Read More

La Leonessa Slew Rings

La Leonessa Brevini slew bearings (ranging from Ø300 to Ø4000mm) are very commonly used along with a Dana Brevini slew gearboxes. Dana Brevini Australia can supply the full package drive system for slewing applications. The slew bearings are available in a light range (mainly for agricultural applications) and in a heavy... Read More

Wheel Drives

Wheel and Track drives are part of the Spicer product offer. Please click here for more information. Read More

Track Drives

  Wheel and Track drives are part of the Spicer product offer. Please click here for more information. Read More