Thickener Drives

Brevini has worked with the leading Thickener Manufacturers over the last 20 years to completely transform the traditional drive systems from a complex assortment of old transmission types into relatively simple drive packages. These drives being based on our wide range of Planetary Gear units are compact and integrated into a... Read More

Slew Drives

Brevini as series Bevel Planetary Reducers provide optimum design for high torque applications. They can be supplied in a ‘standardised’ configuration, or we can design and build specialised solutions locally to meet your specific requirements. A feature of our slew drives is the Brevini Australia designed & developed, totally enclosed, oil... Read More

Long Travel Drives

Brevini has pioneered the use of planetary drives in long travels for stackers, reclaimers & ship loaders in Australia. Our custom solutions are cost effective, compact and economical. Our drives are robust, and incorporate many features that meet the requirements of heavy duty mining applications. In particular, we have developed a... Read More

Conveyor Drives

Brevini PIV conveyor drives are rugged, dependable drives specifically designed to operate in some of the most testing environments in the world. From the top of the Andes to the searing heat of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Brevini PIV conveyor drives are working to deliver the goods every hour... Read More