Air Motor

ARMAK Geared Piston Air Motors
A new and superior technology with frictionless torque producing motor parts and suitable for intrinsically safe applications.

Brevini Australia known for their hydraulic and electric gearbox drives and winches, can now offer pneumatic drive, with the Armak gear drive piston air motor range

Founded in 2004, Armak, is a manufacturing company in Germany, with production and development in England. They produce geared piston motors in the 2-20kW range, which are distributed in Australia by Brevini.

In Armak Geared Piston Air Motors the torque is developed by one rotating piston and is transferred to the output shaft via a synchronising gear train. Both the rotating piston and the sealing rotor are turning without physical contact and with an extremely small air gap for high motor efficiency.

This frictionless operation results in long maintenance free operation without downtime. The totally closed motor housing without breather holes permits applications in wet or dirty surroundings without danger of corrosion in the motor and it is leak proof.

The Armak geared piston air motors offer:-

  • Frictionless torque producing motor parts resulting in a running torque efficiency of 98%.
  • Maintenance free lifetime
  • Intrinsically safe (ATEX approved) suitable for mining, oil and gas
  • Completely enclosed motor casing – no internal corrosion and no internal oil sump
  • Vibration and pulsation minimised – equal to a 5 piston ripple
  • Compact design and freedom of installation
  • Large usable speed range ( from 75rpm) and high start torque
  • Can be stalled without damage
  • Metric flange and shaft for mounting of standard IEC gear boxes
  • SAE flange for mounting of hydraulic pumps
  • ARMAK lever / remote control valves for superior motor control. Ideal for winches.
  • Mounting kits to replace traditional radial piston motor installation are available.

The Armak 16kW motor when compared to a traditional radial piston motors of the same power rating offers higher maximum continuous RPM with less air consumption. Where space is a problem: the Armak motor is more compact than traditional radial piston motors

Armak motors can be supplied with the following direct mounted valves:-

  • Lever valves – with or without directional bias. Lever position is field adjustable.
  • Remote control valve – with or without bias directional bias.
  • Over speed valve.

Typical Applications

  • Winch drives (underground mining)
  • Pump drives (hydraulic, grout & water)
  • Mixer drives (food, paint & grout)
  • Hazardous environment (oil and gas)
  • Trolley drives
  • Where ever pressurised air is available



Motor Data Max
power at
6 bar
Speed at
6 bar
Torque at
6 bar
Max cont. speed Mass
[KW] rpm [Nm] [Nm] rpm [kg]
AGP02 2,2 2.600 8 10 2.500 12
AGP04 3,5 2.400 14 16 2.500 14
AGP07 7,6 1.000 75 100 2.000 54
AGP10 11,0 1.000 105 140 1.800 75
AGP16 16,0 1.300 120 165 1.800 82