New Series of Brevini Winches Improves Safety, Efficiency of Construction, Material Handling Vehicles

In line with our continuing product development programme at Dana SAC Australia, we happily announced the release of latest series of high performance Brevini winches. The BWE Series winch range is ideal for use in mining, construction and material-handling applications, as well as other mobile machinery and stationary industrial applications.

Each winch in this new series features a compact, high-speed piston motor for efficient operation, and the range will offer 13 different sizes to support lift capacities from 990 kg to 30 tonnes. The BWE winch range has a modular design and expands the capability of Dana’s current product range for off-highway and stationary industrial applications to cover more applications. All the winches in the range are suitable for electric motor input, both for mobile and stationary applications.

Offering lift capacities from 8.5 to 16 tonnes, the first four of the new winches are designed for medium-sized crawler cranes and rough-terrain cranes.

We note that safety and performance are important considerations in construction applications. To meet these needs, we have designed and engineered this next generation of winches with best-in-class safety, efficiency, and control.

Our new winch range includes a fully integrated system that provides end users with the tools necessary to avoid damage to the winch and the crane, and most importantly, protect personnel on the job site.

Smaller winch sizes in the new series will be introduced in late 2019, while larger versions to support lift capacities from 22 to 30 tonnes will be available in 2020. The larger winches are designed for drill rigs and rubber tyre gantry cranes along with numerous stationary industrial applications in marine and off-shore drilling. The winches meet safety certification standards for major international organisations governing these applications.

The new BWE winch will be exhibited at AIMEX 2019.