S5AV series

Maximum Torque Up to

567Nm [418 lbf * ft]

S5AV series is a family of variable displacement axial piston pumps designed for operation in open circuit. These axial piston swash plate design units can be used both for mobile and industrial applications. A strong and proven rotating group allows the pumps to work at high continuous and peak pressures. The pump features patented piston sliders design, resulting in minimal leaks and high volumetric efficiency. Controls provide high accuracy and repeatability. S5AV pumps operate at low noise emission levels, meeting the requirements of today’s demanding industrial applications.

Displacement: from 32 to 90 cm³/rev from 1.95 to 5.49 in³/rev
Flow range: from 100 to 220 l/min [from 26.4 to 58.1 U.S. gpm]
Input speed: up to 3600 rpm (Max)
Pressure range: from 280 to 420 bar (Max)[from 4060 to 6090 psi (Max)]