Maximum Torque Up to

1613 Nm [1189 lbf * ft]

SH7VR series are a family of variable displacement motors,bent axis piston design for operation in both open and closed circuit. SH7VR series motors are mainly intended for installation in mechanical gearboxes such as track drive and winches gear boxes.
The proven design incorporating the lens shape valve plate, the high quality components and manifacturing tecniques make able the SH7VR series motors to provide up to 430 bar [6235 psi] continuous and 480 bar [6960 psi] peak performance.
Fully laboratory tested and field proven, these motors assume maximum efficiency and long life even at very bad filtering conditions. Heavy duty bearings permit high radial and axial loads.
Versatile design includes a variety of control and shaft ends that will adapt the SH7VR series motors to any application both industrial and mobile.