PLANETARY – TO 25,000 Nm Tn

Nominal Torque Up

25,000 Nm

Transmission Ratio Up

3,282 iN

The rotating shaft gearbox range is available in male and female shaft configurations, with either in-line or right-angle inputs, foot or flange-mounted outputs.

Complete range of modular design planetary gearboxes for industrial applications. It combines high performance with compact size, excellent reliability, simple installation and reduced maintenance. Brevini’s industrial planetary gearboxes come in a range of sizes to ensure optimum life in all applications.

Progressive development of sizes from 1,000 Nm to 25,000 Nm nominal torque. In-line and Right angle versions with up to 4 gear stages for ratios from 1:3 to 1:3000

The male shaft solution (splined or cylindrical) is able to withstand strong radial or axial loads on the output shaft. The female version is used for pure torque transmission in the presence of reduced axial dimensions. These gearboxes are used in industrial plants and all types of self-propelled machinery. Input versions: high speed male shaft, provision for electric and hydraulic motors, multiple disc brake options available.