Thickener Drives

Brevini has worked with the leading Thickener Manufacturers over the last 20 years to completely transform the traditional drive systems from a complex assortment of old transmission types into relatively simple drive packages. These drives being based on our wide range of Planetary Gear units are compact and integrated into a single gearbox with very high ratios and very high torque capacities as required to meet the very low speeds specified for the whole range of thickeners typically made today.

The result is a robust compact design that requires relatively low maintenance with a high level of availability and long life.

They are used in all wet mineral processing applications from Alumina and Copper to Gold, Nickel and Coal.

The Thickener Drives produced are for either of the two main types;

  • Single Direct Bridge mounted drive that fully supports all the axial and radial loads of the Rake Arm, or
  • Multiple Primary Pinion drives on Column Drive thickener mechanisms. These gearboxes can either partially support the drive pinion or even incorporate a fully supported integral drive pinion

Thickener DrivesSingle drives are available for maximum operating torques up to 2 mNm and Multiple Primary drives can be used in mechanisms of immensely higher capacity. The motive power source can be either direct Electric Motor or Hydraulic Drive with remotely mounted Hydraulic Power Units that also power the Rake Lift mechanisms. Brevini also designs and manufactures these Hydraulic Power Units.

Brevini first developed a Torque Measuring Mechanism over 15 years ago that is now commonplace in this industry application. This mechanism is built into the Planetary Gear train and produces a signal for the instrumentation that enables the measuring of torque from 0 – 100%, rising torque alarms and cut-out once the Maximum Operating Torque is reached.

These drives are provided with Surface Protection systems and Documentation to the highest levels demanded by the mining industry.