Slew Drives

Brevini as series Bevel Planetary Reducers provide optimum design for high torque applications. They can be supplied in a ‘standardised’ configuration, or we can design and build specialised solutions locally to meet your specific requirements.

A feature of our slew drives is the Brevini Australia designed & developed, totally enclosed, oil immersed high speed torque limiting coupling. This coupling is designed to disengage the drive at whatever torque limit you require. The couplings are pre-set in our local factories to meet your specification, however they are adjustable and can be modified in future if required.

This unique torque limiting coupling is supplied complete with a purpose built eccentric output housing & custom manufactured drive pinions. Again, all these elements can be customised to suit various slewing application requirements.

An example of a customised slew drive solution is Brevini Australia´s specialised positioner drive used principally within the mining industry. These are used for the rack & pinion drive on the positioner of rail car dump stations.

Moreover, Brevini recognises that any slew drive forms part of an overall project, and we recognise your need for excellence in project management, reporting, communication and documentation. We have therefore developed a team of specialists who manage the delivery of these drives, including technical specialists, project management specialists, technical writers, document controllers and contract managers. You may therefore rest easy in the knowledge that not only will your drive will be delivered as required, but you will also receive:

  • Regular updates on progress to allow you to effectively plan the installation;
  • High quality, customised Installation & Operation Manuals that conform to standards;
  • Inspection & test plans completed & documented;
  • Complete & accurate manufacturers data records; and
  • Timely & accurate fulfilment of all other contractual obligations.