Conveyor Drives

Brevini PIV conveyor drives are rugged, dependable drives specifically designed to operate in some of the most testing environments in the world. From the top of the Andes to the searing heat of the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Brevini PIV conveyor drives are working to deliver the goods every hour of every day. Powers of 1500kW and above are commonplace and a variety of custom made accessories are readily available to offer maintenance free running and lower operating temperatures. We also provide drop in replacements for some obsolete reducers previously supplied by other manufacturers, and a wide range of cooling options.

An example of our custom made accessories is the Brevini PIV contactless seal. Unlike conventional seal lip and shaft arrangements, this seal is absolutely maintenance free due to the absence of rubbing parts and therefore has no resulting friction. Not only does the absence of contacting parts means no wear, it also contributes to a cooler running gearbox due to the reduced friction.

Brevini conveyor drive assemblies are built to the customers specification with any brand of brake or electric motor which may be preferred. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in design. Torque arm links can be provided or the more modern and easier to install elastomeric torque pad. Fabricated bases are manufactured within Australia to the highest quality standards and are designed by our team of specialist engineers using Finite Element Analysis for optimum stiffness characteristics.

Moreover, Brevini recognises that these conveyors form part of an overall project, and we therefore recognise your need for excellence in project management, reporting, communication and documentation. We have therefore developed a team of specialists who manage the delivery of these drives, including technical specialists, project management specialists, technical writers, document controllers and contract managers. You may therefore rest easy in the knowledge that not only will your drive will be delivered as required, but you will also receive:

  • Regular updates on progress to allow you to effectively plan the installation;
  • High quality, customised Installation & Operation Manuals that conform to standards;
  • Inspection & test plans completed & documented;
  • Complete & accurate manufacturers data records; and
  • Timely & accurate fulfilment of all other contractual obligations.