New Hydraulic Transmission Pumps Released By Brevini Australia

Recently released by Brevini Australia, the SH6V range of transmission pumps is now available in sizes ranging from 50 – 130 cc. The new range is an upgrade on the Brevini HCV range of pumps, which this replaces.

Ideal for use in closed circuit hydraulic applications in earthmoving, construction, agriculture, marine and so on, SH6V high pressure variable displacement pumps are modifiable to four sizes and will work in pressures up to 450 bar.

These pumps can be supplied with a full range of controls, including electrical, with hydraulic emergency override. Accessories available include boost pressure filter, pressure compensator, cut-off valve and bypass valve.

The pumps come with flanges for auxiliary pumps—to allow this to run in tandem for an extended range of uses.

The new pump design is more efficient and excels in most hydraulic applications. There are also more control options available compared to previous models. This includes a speed-related automotive control.

Because of the new design, the maximum speed on the pumps has increased by 10%.

SH6V pumps are manufactured in Europe by S.A.M Hydraulik, part of the worldwide Brevini Power Transmission Group, of which Brevini Australia is a subsidiary.

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