New Hydraulic Bent Axis Piston Motors Released By Brevini Australia


Released in this year’s AIMEX by Brevini Australia are two hydraulic motors: the new SH7V & SH7VR variable displacement hydraulic motors. The units offer even better value for money and significantly improved performance than the previous H2V model, with very high power density, superior efficiency even at low speeds.

Currently used in drilling rigs in Italy, China, USA and Japan, the SH7 108 and 160 are now field proven for use in heavy duty transmission applications. Featuring a displacement ratio of 5:1, there are three displacements available from 75-160 cc/rev, with a continuous pressure of 430 bar and peak of 480 bar.

The motors are of bimetal barrel construction, with seven single-piece pistons made from 31CrMoV12. A special carbon coating is used to reduce friction and is sealed with a Viton shaft seal. The 28Ëš bent axis angle does away with the need for a joint linking the barrel with the output shaft.

The compact size offers very high power-to-weight ratio and can be used in both open and closed loop applications. The SH7V is available in ISO and SAE mount, while the SH7VR is the gearbox plug version.

Another hydraulic motor released at AIMEX is the new SH11C fixed displacement motor. Featuring 40° bent axis angle with 12 displacements up to 180 cc/rev, the motors are suitable both for open and closed circuit application and offer machine designers great flexibility.

The SH11C can be used on heavy-duty applications both for industrial applications stationary machines and on mobile vehicles (e.g., off-highway vehicles).

The motors use a proven design incorporating convex valve plates, manufactured using high quality components and production techniques, to provide high performance units capable of up to 430 bar continuous and 480 bar peak pressure.

This high performance, compact design provides high power density in a small footprint. Laboratory tested and field proven, SH11C motors provide very high efficiency and long service life. Heavy-duty bearings permit high radial and axial loads.

Typical applications are: earthmoving and construction equipment, material handling and lifting vehicles, concrete and mining applications.