Epicyclic Gear Units Series Now Up To 2,000,000 Nm Of Continuous Torque

When the Brevini S series was first released in 2003, the planetary gear range raised the bar for high torque applications that require smaller dimensioned gear units. Typically, the range offers an improvement of 40-60% in terms of space and weight compared to more conventional units.

The range has been expanded with the release of four larger gear units, increasing the capacity from 500,000 Nm to a maximum of 2,000,000 Nm of continuous torque. The expanded range also allows for greater versatility, with more output shaft options than the previous range.

The S Series use enhanced planet bearings, with improved rollers, designed to provide greater bearing life than previous models. Other features include a more substantial sealing arrangement, larger oil ports and a more robust adaptation system for large electric motors.

The S series is highly interchangeable with previous models. Output shaft versions cover female splined, hollow cylindrical for shaft-mounting, male keyed cylindrical and male splined shaft.

The gear units can be supplied with a wide variety of input and output accessories for use in many applications, including mixers for any type of material, extruders, all types of conveyors belts, industrial and port lifting equipment, grinders and mills, machines for working sheet and rod, large iron-making plants, sugar and food oil production plants, plants for quarries and mines, and purification plants.

The expanded S Series also extends the Brevini high power range, which is an S series gearbox, combined with a PIV Posired series right angle gearbox. These units are ideal for high power, low speed industrial applications. The combined units are more efficient, quieter, more compact and offer a better price / performance ratio compared to ordinary gear units.

Brevini Riddutori manufactures S Series gearboxes at a dedicated facility in Italy. The latter company, PIV Drives and Brevini Australia are all part of the worldwide Brevini Group.