Conveyor Drives – Recycling Centre

Conveyor Drives – Recycling Centre

The Challenge: Gear units with high efficiency, wide ratio range, flexible mount

What is arguably the largest combined recycling and landfill site in the Southern Hemisphere, the Genesis Xerowastefacility was looking to manage waste with a system of 49 conveyors.

Looking for a complete drive solution for the site, Genesis Xerowaste wanted gear drives that were extremely efficient, with flexible mounting choices, wide range of ratios and also of a compact design, as space was a strong consideration, as well.

The Solution: PIV Posiplan BPH Series bevel input and helical output gears, with planetary intermediate stage

Brevini suggested a revolutionary combination of gear technology from the PIV Posiplan range, which met all of the above criteria with a unique arrangement of bevel input and helical output gearing with a planetary intermediate stage.

The plant was going to process 92% of the mixed construction and demolition waste fed, which includes concrete, steel, metals, cardboard, paper and timber will be screened and sorted to a degree never before achieved with waste of this kind. After separation, waste would be transformed into mulch, road base and other construction material, or removed from site for further recycling by other processes.

The other eight per cent that cannot be recycled will be crushed and tipped into the hole via a downhill conveyor system. Brevini Australia designed a special drive solution for this task. The downhill conveyor drive will be capable of returning energy into the electrical grid.

The conveyor systems range in length from 10 to 100 metres. Power requirements range from 3 kW to 55 kW. Built byAdvanced Waste Solutions, the Genesis Xerowaste facility employs an innovated system of gearing only available from PIV Posiplan.

The BPH series was an easy choice for both the Genesis engineers and the engineers from Advanced Waste solutions due to the compact size—typically 65% of the size of an equivalent bevel helical gear reducer.