Conveyor Drives – Coal Powered Electricity Generator

Conveyor Drives – Coal Powered Electricity Generator

The Challenge: Retrofitting an old structure, in an aggressive environment, to a tight schedule

The 1600MW power station we are visiting for this case study was located at the coal mine site in the Latrobe Valley in Victoria.

Two duel drive conveyors had been in use since 1987, situated on a travelling stacker in the mine and conveying coal from the mine to the power station.

The drive units needed to be replaced without any modification to the existing structure, while still achieving an increase in power and improvements to the brakes. The replacement also needed to occur on a very strict schedule, to coincide with a planned maintenance shutdown and thereby prevent any disruption to the operation of the plant.

In addition, the environment was challenging in that it suffered very wet winters, and dry and dusty summers. The units still had to achieve high design life, low noise and reliability in spite of these difficulties.

The Solution: Brevini PIV´s world class helical gear units plus excellence in Project Management

The scheduling for this job was critical, as there was a very small window in which the plant shutdown could accommodation the installation of the units. This job was therefore managed through Brevini´s specialist Engineering & Contracts Department.

The Engineering & Contracts Department was established in recognition of the growing need for specialist skills in the areas of project management, document control and contract management. The team utilises the latest methods in project management, and incorporates the best of Brevini´s technical skills, expediting skills, communication & documentation techniques. This ensured that the power station could proceed with their scheduled shutdown, confident in the delivery & quality of the new drives.

Brevini also quoted the entire conveyor package, including the pulleys and bearings. This allowed the customer to easily assess the total cost of various engineering options.

Brevini supplied 5 Posired 2 helical gear units (which included 1 spare), fitted to custom designed base frames. The motor power was increased to 160kw, drum brakes were replaced with disc brakes and encoders were fitted for accuracy.

The resulting design delivered a high degree of interchangability with the existing units, and resulted in no modifications being made to the existing structure.