Bucket Elevator – On Board Ship

Bucket Elevator – On Board Ship
The Challenge: Space Restriction, Aggressive Environment, High Axial & Radial Loads

A ship that transported gypsum required a new solution for their bucket elevator. Previous gear units were leaking oil, due to the gypsum environment degrading the output seals. In addition, bolts were ´popping´ due to the high axial and radial loads being experienced.

A solution was proving difficult, especially given the small envelope size required.

bucket-elevator_2The Solution: Brevini´s S-Series Gear Unit, plus In House Local Engineering Design.

First, Brevini´s design engineers visited the ship and completely measured the available space. They then produced a customised design to meet the unique application requirements.

Four drives were supplied, consisting of a custom designed foot-mount gearbox with a special input including a one-way bearing.

A special output sealing arrangement was also designed, consisting of labyrinth o-rings and a double-lipped seal.

The bolts on the keeper plate drive flange were upsized, to adequately bear the loads of this demanding application.

The resulting solution delivered high torque, high axial & radial load bearing capacity, all within a small envelope size.