Brevini Expands Product Offering With The Addition Of Armak Air Motors

Now available from Brevini Australia is the Armak geared drive piston air motor range from Germany, which complements and expands Brevini’s product offering. Brevini Australia can now provide complete high efficiency drive solutions in Pneumatic, Electric or Hydraulic power source.

AirMotor_Winch_lores(1)Founded in 2004, Armak has a manufacturing facility in Germany, with production and development in England. They produce geared piston air motors in the 2-20kW, which are distributed in Australia by Brevini.

Unlike more conventional motors, in Armak geared piston air motors, the torque is developed by one rotating piston and is transferred to the output shaft via a synchronising gear train. Both the rotating piston and the sealing rotor turn without physical contact and with an extremely small air gap—for high motor efficiency of about 98%.

This frictionless torque producing operation provides the user with maintenance-free operation, without downtime. The totally enclosed motor housing, without breather holes, permits applications in wet or dirty surroundings, without the risk of corrosion in the motor and this is leak proof.

Armak motors are ideal for applications like winch drives (underground mining), pump drives (hydraulic, grout & water), mixer drives (food, paint & grout), hazardous environment (oil and gas), trolley drives or other applications that use compressed air.

Compared to a conventional radial piston motors and using an Armak 16 KW motor as an example, the later will provide higher maximum continuous rpm, while using less compressed air. The Armak motor is also more compact, making this ideal for areas with limited space.

Armak motors are intrinsically safe (ATEX approved) suitable for mining, oil and gas applications. Other features include: compact design and versatile installation capabilities, large usable speed range (from 75rpm) and high start torque, metric flange and shaft for mounting of standard IEC gear boxes and SAE flange for mounting of hydraulic pumps.

Armak lever/remote control valves provide superior motor control and are ideal for use on winches. Mounting kits to replace traditional radial piston motor installation are also available.