Brevini Australia recently accredited by BSI to ISO9001:2008

Following an extensive review and improvement program covering our management systems through 2012, Brevini Australia has received accreditation to ISO9001:2008 from BSI Group Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd.

Brevini_ISO9001(1)The accreditation was achieved in December 2012. Certificate no. FS 589749 dated 10/12/2012 applies.

Over several years, Brevini Australia has undergone a programme of review of internal systems and procedures. These efforts have been on-going and may have appeared to have been done on an ad hoc manner.

We were first worked to ISO9000 certification in 1999-2000. Since that time, we have always taken the approach that improving internal systems to our benefit and that of our customers was a top priority. And, unlike some other organisations, our main aim has been more along the lines of self-improvement, rather than attaining a certificate we could brag about.

The audit of our systems has meant that with continuous revision and updating, writing and re-writing of procedures and the like, our customers are able to access better service from Brevini Australia. As well, they can look forward to constant improvement as a “par for the course.”

This also means that with our systems are recognised as complying to this International Standard our customers no longer need to audit our systems as they have the peace of mind knowing that we have been audited and accredited by one of the worlds most recognised brands, BSI.

With 2013 marking the 20th year of Brevini in Australia, Greg Bunn, managing director, notes that “the accreditation is not the end of the story, it’s only the beginning of a commitment to continual improvement. It’s one that we look forward to into our 25th year and beyond.”