Welcome to Dana Brevini Australia

An introduction of Dana Brevini Australia: supplying mechanical and fluid power solutions to industry through innovative designs and application experience, since 1993.


Dana Brevini has a complete range of gearboxes to cover most applications, covering many industries and uses.

Conveyor Drives

The Posired Advanced range was designed to meet the most arduous conditions. Dana Brevini also designs complete packaged conveyor drives.


Dana Brevini gearmotors are 2- or 3- stage and foot or flange mounted. The units are Euro footprint mount and are compatible with other European manufacturers.


Dana Brevini has a standard range of winches up to 8T line pull with various line speeds and rope capacities. Dana Brevini also manufactures custom winches designed to meet your requirements.


Dana Brevini’s fluid power offers a complete range of motors pumps and valves to suit the needs of industry and the mobile sector.


We have over 20 year’s of experience in applying our products in custom solutions to meet customer and market specifications

Other Products

Dana Brevini also market Shrink Disc Couplings, Armak Air Motors, Pullmaster Winches, PT Tech Brakes and Clutches, Brevini Leonessa Slew Rings, and more…


Gearbox and Hydraulic repairs, Load testing and reporting of all our products supplied in the market is available directly from your nearest Dana Brevini Office.


Dana Brevini is continually innovating and in this section we invite you to see the latest release.

Dana Brevini In Australia

Dana Brevini In Australia

At Dana SAC Australia (formerly Brevini Australia), our company philosophy has always been inspired by a few, simple ideas: Ruggedness, Compactness and Strength. These terms relate strongly to the gear units produced by our company since the 1960’s. From humble beginnings, we have grown into a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of over 500 different epicyclic final drives used in power transmission in most industries–from manufacturing to agriculture, transport to mining…

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Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated

Dana is a world leader in highly engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Dana supports the passenger vehicle, commercial truck, off-highway, and industrial markets as well as industrial and stationary equipment applications…

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Our Case Studies

We present a number of case studies not only to highlight our products, to more importantly to show you how we help find solutions for your requirements.

Our Two Manufacturing Divisions

Fluid Power
Power-Transmission Systems