AronFrom Aron of Italy, part of the Brevini Fluid Power Group, a comprehensive range of control valves ranging from cetop 2 through to cetop 8.

The Aron NG4 directional control valves are designed for subplate mounting, with an interface in accordance with UNI ISO 4401 - 02 - 01 - 0 - 94 standard (ex cetop R 35 H 4.2-4-02). While they are the smallest on the market in their category, these valves exhibit excellent performance.

The use of solenoids with wet armatures ensures quiet operation, means that dynamic seals are no longer required and important levels of counter-pressure are accepted on the return line. The solenoid's tube is screwed at valve body directly, while a locking ring nut seal the coil in right position.

The cast body with a great care in the design and production of the ducts of the 5 chambers have made it possible to improve the spools allowing relatively high flow rate with low pressure drops(p).

The spool rest positions are obtained by means of springs which centre it when there is no electrical impulse. T he solenoids are constructed to DIN 40050 standards and are supplied by means of DIN 43650 ISO 4400 standard connectors which, suitably assembled, ensure a protection class of IP 65.

The solenoid coils are normally arranged for DIN 43650 ISO 4400 type connectors (standard version). On request, could be available the following coil connection variants: AMP Junior connections; flying leads connections, with or without integrated diode; Deutsch connections with bidirectional integrated diode.

The supply may be in either DC or AC form (with the use of a connector and rectifier) in most common voltage.

The valves are designed for use with DIN 51524 standard hydraulic mineral oils and it is recommended that filters should be fitted to ensure a maximum contamination level of class 10 in accordance with NAS 1638, β25ε75.

VPS Brevini

VPS Brevini is another range of valves that we market. A sister company, VPS Brevini is a leading company that manufactures directional control valves, in two versions: monoblock and modular. Monoblock range is available in up to 6 selections, with flow rates 35 and 60 l/min., The modular range is available with flow rates of 35, 60, 100 and 200 l/min. All of them are suitable range for up to 350 bar, working pressure.

A wide range of accessories is available. As well, included in the products range, are pumps and hydraulic remote controls.

Monoblock valve
Monoblock valve:
Flow rate 35 l/min
Working pressure 400 bar
Ports 1/4" and 3/8"
Monoblock valve
Monoblock valve:
Flow rate 60 l/min
Working pressure 400 bar
Ports 3/8" and 1/2"

Brevini Hydraulics

Brevini HydraulicsWe also market a range of the most advance proportional directional valves with inlet flow of 140 and 240 l/min in the market today. Sourced from Brevini Hydraulics, a sister company, these valves are use for a large range of industrial and outdoor applications´

All the components of the valves, including the electronics, are exclusively designed by Brevini Hydraulics, which has got four internationally recognized patents.

Manufacturing Companies
Brevini Riduttori PIV Brevini Winches Piv Posiplan Brevini Fluid Power