Planetary Gears
Planetary GearsOur extensive planetary gear products range includes:

Industrial Series Modular Planetary Gear Box Range
Output torque ratings from 300 to 35,000 Nm. In-line and right angle versions. Extensive range of input and output configurations, including foot mount, shaft mount and flange mount.

Shaft Mounted Planetary Gear Units and Geared Motor Series PD
AC and DC electric motors integrally mounted or gear unit only - to suit mounting of your motor. Hydraulic and air motors integrally mounted or to suit your supply. Male input shaft and brakes available as standard.

S Series Planetary Gearboxes
Output torque ratings from 20,000 to 1,100,000 Nm. In-line and right angle versions. Shaft mounted with shrink disc, female splined and male cylindrical outputs.

High Power Gear Units
A combined planetary and bevel helical gear unit range, designed to transmit higher powers in the low to medium speed range

PWD and SLW Series Winch Drives
Rotating housing planetary gearboxes with integrated brakes and various motor options. Torque ranges from 3,000 to 850,000 Nm. In drum design for compact winches. DNV type approval on these winches is available.

Wheel Drive and Track Drive Units Series RX, CWD and CTU
For mobile equipment. Available with integral brakes and motors.

Planetary Slewing Drives Series RPR and SLS
High strength output housing, integral brakes, alloy steel output slewing pinion forged integral with output shaft, with various motor and brake options.

Manufacturing Companies
Brevini Riduttori PIV Brevini Winches Piv Posiplan Brevini Fluid Power