Planetary Gearboxes Mobile

Flange mounted

Flange mountedBrevini's in-line or right angle planetary gearboxes can be used in a wide range of industrial equipment and mobile applications. They are based upon a flexible modular system and are available with either male or female output shaft configurations.

The male configuration (cylindrical or splined) is used where side or axial loads are acting upon the output shaft. The female configuration is used to transmit purely torque and is employed where space is limited.

The flange mounted gearboxes are supported by a wide range of accessories. These include: adaptors for electric and hydraulic motors, multidisc failsafe brakes and male input shaft configurations.

Wheel drives

Wheel drivesCompact planetary wheel drives, designed for a wide range of self propelled vehicles with hydraulic transmission and individually motorized wheel drives. They allow design engineers to simplify the project of mobile equipment, improving the price/performance ratio.

The wide range of ratios available makes it possible to adapt the reduction unit to the most suitable hydraulic transmission. A manual release is provided, to disconnect the reduction unit from the motor for emergency towing. The versatility of this range of Brevini products is assured by a side choice of braking systems (drum brakes, negative acting multiple disc, failsafe parking brake).

Track drives

Track drivesCompact planetary track drive units designed for use on tracked vehicles. This range of gearboxes has high strength structure, short overall length, very high radial and axle load capability. All the gearboxes are provided with integral multidisc failsafe brake and allow the direct mounting of hydraulic motors at the gearbox input.

Due to the high torque rating and the quality of the materials, these units are the best solution in heavy duty applications. Brevini produces the track drives also in gearmotor version, with integrated hydraulic motors.

Slewing drives

Slewing drivesBrevini's slewing drives are an essential component in keeping weight and size to a minimum on equipment such as tower cranes, wind turbines, aerial platforms, discharge booms and excavation and construction equipment.

Their planetary structure means that they can withstand very high torque values while maintaining reduced dimensions, reduced weight and high efficiency. The wide range of rations available enables the selection of a motor size and type which best suits users requirements: hydraulic, electric, pneumatic. Simple mounting, operating reliability and versatility make these units suitable for the most severe duties and environments.

Brevini produces the slewing drives also in gearmotor version, with integrated hydraulic motor and brake, specifically designed for mini-excavators and light duty machines.

Models: RPR, SLS, SDU, standard series

Features Include:

  • Integral extended bearing support
  • Oversized spherical output bearing
  • Standard gearing for quick turnaround
  • Disc (wet & dry) braking

Pump drives

Pump DrivesBrevini pump drive gear units can drive up to five pumps from a single prime mover: diesel engine or electric motor. Each size is available either as speed reducer or as speed multiplier. We offer two versions on the input side: with SAE flange or with ADI solution.The internal features (the central input gear is case hardened and is integral with the shaft) lead to longer product life and lower noise.

Our pump drives are successfully installed in agricultural, road and utility machines, fishing boats, industrial equipment.

Winch drives

Winches DrivesBrevini planetary gear units, with rotating outer casing, are designed to be fitted into the winch drum: the PWD series for drive applications from 3 to 12 tons and the SLW-SCW series for applications exceeding 12 tons.

These winch drives have two flanges close together: one is bolted to the fixed winch frame and the other is bolted to the drum, thereby serving as its first support.

The drum and winch frame come in any shape and size: the only engineering restriction is the spigot on the flange coupling when fitted. The winch drives are attached to the drum with bolts inserted from the motor side to permit easy, immediate access to filling, level and drain plugs.

Thanks to the caterpillar seals, all units are protected against adverse environments and can be treated against sea corrosion with an epoxy paint coating.

Through this solution, Brevini Riduttori provides manufacturers with a standard product that can be adapted to suit specific sizes, which means lighter, more compact winches can be made. PWD and SLW-SCW series performance has been rated in conformity with FEM M5 standards, with an output speed of 15 rpm, which are the most widely accepted standards on the market for self-propelled and onboard cranes.

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