Brevini Fluid Power
Brevini Fluid PowerBrevini Fluid Power offers the following product groups:

Brevini Hydraulics Proportional Valves
Maximum flows of up to 240 lpm, maximum pressure of 330 bar, with up to 10 modules.

Samhydraulik Piston Products
Fixed and variable pumps and motors with maximum pressure to 350 bar (continuous) and 450 (peak). Transmission pumps with up to 120 cc/rev. Bent axis pumps and motor 12 - 266 cc/rev. and axial piston pumps up to 90 cc/rev.

Samhydraulik Orbital Products: BGM, BG, BR, HR and HT
Varying sizes up to 500 cc/rev. Varying speeds 975 -1900 rpm and maximum pressure to 210 bar.

Directional control valves, ranging from cetop 2 through to cetop 8.

VPS Brevini
Monoblock valves 60 lpm, up to 5 bank; modular valves 35, 60, 100 and 200 lpm up to 10 bank 400 bar, service port functions; gear pumps and motors.

Hydr-App Products
PTO gearboxes and reduction units. Mechanical and electro-mechanical clutches. Bell housings, couplings and power units.

Custom Power Packs
Brevini Australia has designed and built power packs up to 150 kW, complete with ancillary products like filters, electrics, enclosures and base frames.

Manufacturing Companies
Brevini Riduttori PIV Brevini Winches Piv Posiplan Brevini Fluid Power