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Our TeamAt Brevini Australia, our company philosophy has always been inspired by a few, simple ideas: Ruggedness, Compactness and Strength. These terms relate strongly to the gear units produced by our company since the 1960's.

From humble beginnings, we have grown into a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of over 500 different epicyclic final drives used in power transmission in most industries--from manufacturing to agriculture, transport to mining.

Locally our presence started in the 1970s from an agency arrangement to the established Australia company that it is today.

From our head office and factory in Sydney and branch offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Brevini Australia covers the entire country through an extensive distribution network.

As part of the long term commitment to Australian industry, local content has been increasing continually as a matter of policy. The manufacture of shafting, housings and the use of local supplies of bearings and fabrications is part of that commitment.

Today, we build gearboxes in Australia, keep stocks of gear modules and a variety of locally produced housings, shafting and bearings.

We specialise in application of planetary gearboxes with hydraulic and AC drive technology to low speed, high torque equipment. Our reducers are also particularly suited to thickener, agitator, mixer, feeder conveyors, inching, long travel and slewing drives.

Planetary gearing has the highest torque to weight ratio of any type. The gear units are robust, flexible in configuration and extremely simple to mount, service or modify. As well, competitively priced, our gear units area able to meet the demands of the most sophisticated as well as the simplest power transmission systems. These factors have helped Brevini reducers replace conventional parallel axis reducers in many applications.

All our gear units are rated in accordance with ISO/DIN standards for continuous duty and our Australian engineers are able to calculate application specific gear and bearings lives for all standard and special composition units.

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